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Comparison of UK and EU Vaccination Programmes

Ireland’s Leo Varadkar on vaccination delay: “I’m not 100% sure but I am told it takes a couple of days to organise things” Barely mentioned by the Irish press – if he was a British Minister, the UK media would have delighted in sewing discontent with claims of “incompetence”. First vaccine approved UK: 2/12/20 EU: ... Read More

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Challenge: How many different answers can you find to this defective Facebook puzzle?

This "quiz for geniuses" appeared on Facebook but unintentionally it has more than one possible answer. There are at least 3 valid answers - how many answers can you find? Read More

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Hinkley and a cavalier attitude to nuclear safety

After a 7 year battle by the regulator for proper testing to be conducted, it was announced in 2015 that new reactor vessels (including that destined for Hinkley) had the potential to fracture and cause meltdown.

Is the French industry now taking safety seriously? This year (2016) French Nuclear Safety Regulator announcements include:

  • falsification of safety data;
  • EDF shut down of an unsafe operational reactor - but only after the Regulator mandated it was tested for similar defects discovered elsewhere.
  • unsatisfactory testing of the reactor installation at Flamanville (the French Hinkley) and a lack of training for testers.
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The Independent “outs” MI6 spy in “attempt at character assassination”

The art of journalism: plagiarism, failure to question assertions, and character assassination. Read More

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Why the low Pound is good for the UK economy

One Brexit fear was that our exports to Europe would be more expensive due to tariffs and sales would fall. Ironically, many of our exports to Europe would now be cheaper even with EU tariffs (averaging just 2.7% on manufactured goods). The low Pound has made our own goods much more competitive at home, in the EU, and the REST OF THE WORLD. Foreign investors can now buy 10% more for their dollar investment in more competitive UK industries. Read More

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Theresa May’s leadership speech excludes a large part of the Working Class

Theresa May’s leadership speech attempted to demonstrate she was in tune with the working class - but she seems to have confused them with the middle class! Read More

Newsflash: pro UK Scots petition for 60% majority threshold in ADVANCE (!!!) of independence referendum

This post is actually about the EU 2nd referendum petition, democracy, and the educational superiority of remain voters. Read More

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Give the English and Welsh a referendum on leaving UK

Following Brexit previously pro UK Scots now want independence, break up is inevitable. Scottish independence would be a lose/lose divorce. But independence of England and Wales from the UK would be win/win. Read More

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