Cynical headline. This post is actually about democracy and the “educational” superiority of EU remain voters .


The serious point is: the 2nd EU referendum petition is months old. I would have sympathy with the 4 million if they had signed up to the petition BEFORE the EU referendum. Instead they waited until the result, and when it is one they didn’t like then demanded a change the goalposts.

Remain petitioners lack a basic understanding of Maths/English

Apparently “Remain” voters are educationally superior to “leavers”; however 4 Million of them have failed to read and understand that the 2nd EU referendum petition is nonsensical:

“if the remain OR leave vote is less than 60%”

For one option to achieve 60%+ in a referendum the other must have 40% or less, but this petition demands another referendum unless BOTH remain AND leave votes are 60% plus. This condition can never be met – presumably petitioners want to trigger infinite referenda?