Theresa May’s Conservative Party leadership speech reaching out to ordinary people implied she was in tune with the working class. Instead she demonstrated the opposite. Heaven help us if, as she claims, the other MPs have even less understanding!

Her address to the “Working Class” (below) about mortgages and schooling seemed to be targeted at typical middle class concerns.  I’m not sure whether this was the intention or if she genuinely confuses the new middle and working classes.

Theresa May 30/6/2016

If you’re from an ordinary working-class family, life is just much harder than many people in politics realise. You have a job, but you don’t always have job security. You have your own home, but you worry about mortgage rates going up. You can just about manage, but you worry about the cost of living and the quality of the local school.  Frankly, not everybody in Westminster understands what it’s like to live like this.

There are large numbers of plebs working class who DO NOT own their home and have no chance of ever doing so.  I find it hard to believe she would  “understand what it is like” to live with children in tiny flat with the possibility of having to move home every 6 months because, like nearly all tenants, they are on an insecure AST tenancy (introduced by her Party) .

I presume she didn’t see the episode of the  “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay” documentary where bailiffs were sent in to evict all the baffled tenants and children from a row of houses (they all thought they’d been told they would have notice of eviction).  The tenants had done nothing wrong, the landlord simply intended to sell the properties for higher rental re-development.

Of course there are still Council Houses, but most have been sold under the Conservative Right to Buy and converted from 3 beds into pokey flats or 6 bed HMOs let with no long term security of tenure.