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Why the low Pound is good for the UK economy

One Brexit fear was that our exports to Europe would be more expensive due to tariffs and sales would fall. Ironically, many of our exports to Europe would now be cheaper even with EU tariffs (averaging just 2.7% on manufactured goods). The low Pound has made our own goods much more competitive at home, in the EU, and the REST OF THE WORLD. Foreign investors can now buy 10% more for their dollar investment in more competitive UK industries. Read More

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Newsflash: pro UK Scots petition for 60% majority threshold in ADVANCE (!!!) of independence referendum

This post is actually about the EU 2nd referendum petition, democracy, and the educational superiority of remain voters. Read More

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Give the English and Welsh a referendum on leaving UK

Following Brexit previously pro UK Scots now want independence, break up is inevitable. Scottish independence would be a lose/lose divorce. But independence of England and Wales from the UK would be win/win. Read More

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